Antenatal classes

Antenatal classes can help you to prepare for your baby’s birth and learn to look after and feed your baby.

Classes are normally held once a week, over a period of nine weeks.

The sessions last approximately 2 hours (2.30-4.30 pm)

Most antenatal classes start around 10-12 weeks before your baby is due.

Places in antenatal classes can get booked up early, so it's a good idea to start making enquiries early in pregnancy so that you can secure a place in the class that you choose.

Please call 0332-299 452 to book a place (Monday to Friday, at 8-12 am)

Evening series (with an Obstetricians, a Neonatologists and Anestesiologist) are held one evening a month.

They are a condensed version of the traditional antenatal class, ideal for couples who are time poor.

No booking is needed.

The agenda is available at the outpatient clinic (Ottagono building- 0332 299453)